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4 Best SHAREit Alternatives For File Sharing

SHAREit app can be considered one of the best file-sharing or transferring app for Android or iOS devices and computer as well. The app, no doubt, offers fine speed to transfer stuff.

However, many people found some faults of failing to send and annoying things like ads and bugs whilst working with the app. For this reason, I have brought some SHAREit app alternatives that you may want to try out.


Xender is a pretty popular file sharing app, which is available for multiple mobile platforms for free ( but includes ads). Connecting your phone to your PC or Mac is pretty simple with Xender. You can visit the personalized link that Xender offers or scan the QR code in Xender’s web app. Once done, you will be able to see all the files on your phone. You can then go ahead and download files from your phone or transfer files from your PC to phone. It all works like a charm.

Download it here


Superbeam is a fast file sharing app that uses WiFi direct to share files. You can share files in other devices in three ways: by scanning a QR code to connect (QR code scanner is included), connect via NFC or enter a key to receive. Another good attribute of Superbeam is that file transfer can be resumed if the connection is lost.

You can also share files with your PC using a web interface. The Pro version, which has no ads, allows you to send files to more than one device, send entire folders.

Download it here


Zapya it is pretty speedy, it’s makers even claim that it is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. Just like Shareit or Xender, there are no restrictions when it comes to file sizes that need to be transferred between two devices. My own experience tells me that Shareit fails to send some large files like movies. Zapya allows you to share multiple files of all formats and can connect up to four devices simultaneously.

Download it here


The AirDroid app lets you wirelessly transfer different types of files among your computers and devices, as long as they are on the same Wi-Fi network. You can transfer and receive files from your Android to PC and vice-versa. Also, you can send and receive messages and access installed apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, etc. from your PC.

The basic version of AirDroid is free. With that, you can transfer, view, delete, and manage files on your phone from your computer or between two phones. You can also use your computer/phone to view and remotely control another android device.

Download it here

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