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5 Good Apps To Lock Apps On Your Android Phone/Tablet

A smartphone is a very personal gadget. They keep very personal messages, photos and videos in our favourite social media apps. Then there are also banking apps, where sensitive data is stored.

I know that there are phones that come with in-built (native) app-locking features which a user can just use to lock apps that they wouldn’t want another person to access. But there are other phones don’t come with that feature. Users of phones without in-built app locking features have to turn to play store to download app lockers.

So, if you are looking for Android app lockers, you are at the right place. Here are my 5 best app lockers for Android:


AppLock is the most popular app locker app on the Play Store, with more than 100 million downloads. With AppLock, you can lock apps as well as various Android toggles like WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data etc. There are also options to make sure that the app locking triggers at a certain time or location.

You can choose to hide the app and prevent uninstallation of AppLock without a password. AppLock also includes a power saving mode, so you don’t need to worry about the app draining your device’s battery. The app does include ads but they are rare and not too intrusive.

Download here

Norton App Lock

Chances are, you have heard of Norton, the popular anti-virus maker. Well, the company offers a pretty good app locker for Android. The Norton App Lock is a very simple app locker which should be a good choice if you are looking for a free and ad-free app locker that just works. With Norton App Lock, you can lock apps by fingerprint, PIN or pattern. The app also captures photos of intruders who enter the wrong PIN or pattern 3 times.

Download here


FingerSecurity lets you lock apps via fingerprint and you can enable the improved protection features to make sure that parts of the app and the app’s data isn’t visible in the recent screen. There’s also the advanced security option to prevent uninstalls. The app also lets you set a time out, which is the delay in re-locking apps. It also brings options to set safe locations, detect intruders and set up a fake crash interface.

Download here

App Locker: Fingerprint and Pin

App Locker lets you set custom lock settings on a per-app basis. So, you can set the primary lock method for an app to fingerprint, while pattern as the primary method for another app. It includes ads but you can remove the ads by purchasing the full version of the app.

Download here

Keepsafe App Lock

The Keepsafe App contains almost all of the features mentioned in the above apps. If you would like to disable the app temporarily, the app lets you disable it for a few hours. The app is available in a free version but it features ads. In case the ads are too annoying, you can make an in-app purchase to remove ads in the app.

Download here

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