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About Fingaz

About The Financial Gazette

The Financial Gazette, established in 1969, is Southern Africa’s leading business and political newspaper well known for its indepth and authoritative reportage that is anchored on providing timely, accurate, fair and balanced news.

Owned by Zimbabwean investors, the weekly newspaper jealously guards its editorial independence and supports democratic and pluralistic politics and free market policies.

Widely quoted by the international media because of its authoritative news reports, the Financial Gazette has become a must read for decision-makers in government and the corporate world who want to be kept abreast of the rapidly unfolding political and economic landscape of Southern Africa.

As a specialist publication, the Financial Gazette deliberately limits its weekly print run, although this has grown from 25 000 copies in 1996 to 40 000 in 2000, reflecting the newspaper’s growing readership mostly in Zimbabwe where it is headquartered.

An independent media survey puts the newspaper’s weekly readership of its printed edition at about 400 000, far ahead of its nearest competitor which has 260 000 readers.

The Financial Gazette’s Online Edition is the most widely read Zimbabwean newspaper, recording more than one million hits every month.