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All 3 Mobile Networks Increased Data Prices, Twimbos Are Not Happy

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The past 6 days have been darker than a Game of Thrones episode (seriously, those guys need to fix the lighting on their show!). On the 24th, NetOne announced their new OneFusion bundles and it’s safe to say everyone was pretty alarmed at how expensive the internet was getting. Everyone except Telecel and Econet who were also going to announce new data prices shortly after and ensure that subscribers are hit from left, right and centre.

Ok, dramatic introduction aside. Mobile data is getting significantly more expensive and it’s hard to blame the mobile network operators. After all their infrastructure is bought using forex and bandwidth is also bought using forex so sustaining the relatively affordable data pricing was getting less and less realistic. And don’t even mention those reports saying we had the second most expensive mobile data. That was hogwash and our worthless bonds were not being taken into consideration in any of those discussion.

Rant aside, people on Twitter woke up to the new Econet data bundles, or “smart data bouquets” as Econet would like you to call them. Twimbos (Zimbos on Twitter) are not amused. Here are some of their reactions thus far:

Of all the reactions I came across I’ve only seen one subscriber who is fond of the new pricing:

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