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ANC Texts Voters Ahead Of Elections Like ED, ZANU PF Could Learn Some Lessons

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Last year as we approached elections a number of us were surprised when we started receiving unsolicited messages from the President asking for our vote. What pissed many of was the fact that many who received the message were not members of the ZANU PF and were surprised that the party had their number…

In South Africa, over the past few days, there has been a similar but not so similar occurrence as voters have been receiving texts from the ANC President Cyril Ramaphose, asking them to vote for him:

Dear [insert voter’s name], NOW is the time to go out and make your vote count! Regards Cyril Ramaphosa – ANC President

ANC campaign message

Don’t make it too personal

One thing our ruling party should note is the fact that the ANC’s texts were not as personal as those that we received a year ago and thus people were not as irritated and they did not feel their privacy was violated as we did. The ZANU-PF messages were area specific which was a tad bit out of line.

Make sure I’m not stuck

Another difference is the fact that the ANC’s message has an opt-out option which means if you don’t want to receive any follow-up campaign messages you can simply turn it off.

Most of the tweets I’m seeing regarding the message have a pretty light tone and many aren’t as outraged as we were:

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