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Android Q To Come With Focus Mode For Avoiding Distractions

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Most of us know we have some issues when it comes to smartphone addiction. There have been many discussions regarding WhatsApp and how it’s affecting people in the workplace. You see it at work, in social settings and even in the home. There is a problem and a majority acknowledges this but unfortunately it’s very hard to solve.

In a simpler world, we would just put down our phones and get things done. Unfortunately, the world is not so simple and thus the guys who make our phones are taking measures to improve how we interact with these life-consuming devices.

In line with all of this, Android Q will come with a Focus Mode. This mode will allow users to block distracting applications. That means if WhatsApp, Instagra, and Facebook are the things you waste your time on, you can block those and then open them once you’re done with whatever task you’re supposed to complete.

This isn’t the first attempt made at improving our interactions with our phones. Digital Wellbeing was introduced last year and that lays out clearly which apps we spend time on. It also locked applications after a certain amount of daily usage.

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