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Annoying WhatsApp Groups Photos Filling Up Your Phone Gallery? Here Is A Fix

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Billions of photos are shared daily via WhatsApp, and some of these end up in our galleries. Many people like me (before today) don’t turn off media ‘auto download’ in WhatsApp settings because it becomes tedious to manually download photos every time.

In-comes group chats where everyone is free to share media. The problem is all the shared photos end up in our galleries (without a sieve). Every single image and videos that the group members shares end up in your phone gallery. Soon the phone gallery is filled with images (some inappropriate) that were shared in WhatsApp groups.

So how do you stop WhatsApp groups photos from filling up your gallery? To solve this problem you can use a certain unheralded WhatsApp feature where you can see the photos in the WhatsApp group chat only. I mean, with this feature you will on get to see the sent images of group members in the group chat only and not in your phone gallery.

Here’s how to tweak WhatsApp settings to stop WhatsApp Group photos from filling up your phone gallery

  • Open the group chat
  • Click on 3 vertical dots shown on the right top corner in the group.

  • Click on the first option i.e. “Group Info”

  • Click on the “Media visibility” from the available options

  • Change from the default (written “Default Yes) option to the “No” option

Now the media will not be saved in your phone. As I said before, the photos will now only display in your group chats.

You can use it for individual/personal chats too

You can use this feature for not only group chats but even individual/personal chats as well. I only used the group chats as an example because I think that’s where the most unsolicited photos are received from as compared to individual/personal chats.

However, if you still don’t want to see photos sent in the individual/personal chats in your gallery, you can tweak the settings too. In that case, the process is pretty much the same, only that instead of clicking on “Group Info” you will be clicking on “View Contact”. You can then finish the rest in the same way as you do with group chats.

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