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Violet Chipunza

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Finally Kwese Is Now Licensed In Zimbabwe

By Alvine Chaparadza After months of court battles and periodic suspension of broadcasting in Zimbabwe, Kwese has finally been awarded three broadcasting licenses through Econet Media by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ). Yes, you heard it right, three broadcasting licenses. The three licenses are for Web Casting, Video On…

CBZ Bank Going Exclusive To Internet And Mobile Banking, Looks Like Zimbabwe Is Going Paperless Not Just Cashless

By Tinashe Nyahasha CBZ Bank joins a growing number of banks in Zimbabwe that are no longer processing manual (paper) transactions for the transfer of funds whether internally or across to other banks. Here’s their notice to customers: Discontinuation of acceptance of manual RTGS and Internal Funds Transfers CBZ Bank…

Econet Network Is Down

By Staff Writer It seems Zimbabwe’s leading mobile service provider has been having problems with their network delivery throughout the day. At the time of writing the network is not working at all, which will be of great inconvenience to subscribers all over the country. No Internet, No calls…Nothing! All…