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Bolt picks three footballers to run A 4x100m race with him

USAIN Bolt is the best placed person to decide which footballers would also make excellent sprinters, and he’s chosen three to be in a 4x100m race with him.

Olympics gold medalist, Usain Bolt

The world’s fastest man was asked in Q&A with which players he would have with him in a 4x100m relay race and picked three absolute speed merchants.

Bolt, who won nine Olympic gold medals, before having one taken away for him in the relay for a teammate failing a drugs test, chose Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe and Gareth Bale as his running mates.

Ronaldo might be 35-years-old now but he has shown no signs of slowing down, either with his goal scoring or his running.

Last season the Juventus forward sprinted 92 metres inside 10 seconds during a Serie A game against Napoli.

Mbappe is seen as one of the quickest, and best, players on the earth already at just 22-years-old and would certainly show a turn of pace on the track.

Bale might not be the player he once was, after a few years of being underutilised at Real Madrid, but the Welshman is still one of the quicker players around.

The fastest player in the business today, however, is Flamengo winger Bruno Henrique.The 28-year-old reached supersonic speeds of 38 km/h in the Copa Libertadores quarter-final against Internacional in2019, setting a new record.

When you consider Bolt averaged 37.6 km/h when he broke the 100m World Record in 2009, it’s clear to see that Henrique has quite the dart in his locker. –