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‘Cash rules everything around Floyd Mayweather’

Floyd Mayweather might still be teasing the idea of returning to the boxing ring at some point. But for now, the 43-year-old future Hall of Famer has plenty of other ways of making money. His latest venture: He’s joined social media site Cameo, which allows customers to pay for celebrities to send them personalized messages.

Floyd Mayweather has joined Cameo.

How much is Mayweather, who made $915 million during the last decade, charging to spend a little bit of virtual time with him? A cool $999.

On the Cameo site, Mayweather said, “I want to be the first celebrity to make a million dollars on Cameo.”

Here’s how Cameo works: You put in a request on his page either for you or for somebody to whom you want to give a gift. Within seven days, Mayweather will complete your request. Then, Cameo will email and text you a link for you to view, share or download the video message.

Mayweather certainly isn’t the first boxer to test out the social media site. Manny Pacquiao charges $1,000—Mayweather is one dollar cheaper!—though his service isn’t currently available. Mike Tyson charged $300 per message, but his page currently says, “Due to overwhelming demand, Mike hasn’t been able to accommodate the influx of requests in the allotted time.” Dolph Lundgren, aka Ivan Drago from Rocky IV, charges $250, and you can land a message from Sugar Ray Leonard for $300.

Or, if you want to go cheaper than that, Roy Jones Jr. is $199, famed trainer and former ESPN boxing analyst Teddy Atlas is $100, and former welterweight world titlist Victor Ortiz is $20.

On his Instagram page, Mayweather said, “You know who this is? Money Mayweather … You can have me customize messages. I’m the most expensive celebrity on Cameo … There’s only one thing left to do. You know what to do.”

For what it’s worth, Mayweather is not the most expensive celebrity on Cameo. Aside from Pacquiao, Mayweather also trails Caitlynn Jenner at $2,500. –