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CBZ Holdings Unveils New Board Of Directors

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Zimbabwe’s largest financial institution, CBZ Holdings, today announced the appointment of a new Board of Directors to oversee the bank’s transformation strategy.

The new directors bring a wealth of experience from a diverse range of disciplines to help CBZ strengthen its position as the premier corporate finance and investment banking institution in Zimbabwe.

CBZ Press Statement

The board includes:
• Marc Holtzman (Chairman)
• Dr Blessing Mudavanhu (Executive Director)
• Rebecca Gaskin Gain (Independent Non-Executive Director)
• Edward Mashingaidze (Independent Non-Executive Director)
• Louis Gerken (Independent Non-Executive Director)
• Tawanda Gumbo (Executive Director)
• Edward Galante (Independent Non-Executive Director)

Today’s announcement is a major milestone for CBZ Holdings, one that lays the foundation for our future success. A key component to the bank’s success is recruiting the best talent, starting with those at the most senior level. I’m confident that under the leadership of the new board, we’re in the best possible position to deliver the bank’s strategic vision

Marc Holtzman, Chairman of CBZs Board of Directors

The chairman explained the new board is tasked with introducing a raft of positive changes. They’ll need to maintain and grow our dominant market share, integrate CBZs businesses, and “continue to serve as a driver for change across the whole of Zimbabwe’s financial services sector”. Under the guidance of the new board, the bank will promote innovation and enhance the role of digital services to improve customer experience while remaining competitive on pricing.

CBZ Holdings market capitalization is but a fraction of what we believe to be its true value. Together, the new Board and management will tirelessly work to best serve our customers and increase shareholder value. Our principal mission is to financially transform lives and to serve the wonderful people of this country

Marc Holtzman, Chairman of CBZs Board of Directors

CBZ aims to become the gateway for foreign investment in Zimbabwe, supporting the country’s economic growth, boosting its human capital and creating opportunities for global partnerships.

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