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Does what we wear define us?

By Macy C Chitepo

PEOPLE claim that they wear whatever they want and they do not dress for others.
But is that really true?  Do what we wear really defines us?  Who makes the decisions on what is appropriate to wear and what is not? If that is the case then why would we even spend money on clothes.
Everyone is seeking for approval and acceptance in one way or another.  Do the clothes you wear really make a difference?  Maybe it is the person you are or who you are around that defines you.
Friends tend to dress the same and shop at the same stores. Why do they do that?  Is it because the commercials or slogans were just so enticing?
Having worked as an Executive Assistant closely with company executives for more than two decades I know exactly what it is that gives executive’s confidence in their day to day work.
I am going to touch on quite a number of topics namely corporate colours, travelling tips, make-up, hair, beauty, accessories, no cost wardrobe or underwear.
For starters, what is it that defines an executive person?

It’s knowing what to wear and how to rock whatever style you were. So, who defines what is considered what in the fashion world or spells out an executive?
One of my rules is you can never go wrong with a white shirt on a Monday.  Usually all strategic or critical meetings are held on a Monday.
Imagine the energy you carry to the boardroom with a white shirt and an appropriate suit.  By appropriate suit I am referring to our black, navy blue, brown and greys.
Recently I have been watching Happily Ever After.
The main character in the movie Sanaa Lathan – when she was wearing the perfect dress, perfect makeup, perfect perfume all her presentations in the boardroom left a lasting impression.
She focussed on points that any serious investor would want to hear and, in the process, managed to clinch mega deals with all her marketing campaigns.
When defining your shape, you need to look at your body and when it comes to ladies, not every woman benefits from over the top dressing.

“Don’t believe that the only way you can feel better about yourself is by losing weight or cosmetic surgery. You can change how you look today by learning how to show off your best assets and disguise the ones you do not like,” say Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine.

You can change how you look today by learning how to show off your best assets and disguise the ones you do not like

Nettie Rosenstein goes on to say; “It’s what you leave off a dress that makes it smart”.
On the contrary, clever use of a decorative touch can transform a cheap looking outfit into an expensive-looking one.
This week, I am not going to say more since it’s my first time writing and I want to use this as an introduction to a long journey I am going to walk with you till we all become the different brands, ambassadors that we want to be.
I will leave you with a tip.
If you are not really confident with what you are going to wear, try it a day before and share it with a close friend for brainstorming.  “You might not think that you suit a certain colour, but there will always be a shade that will suit you” say Trinny and Susannah.  After your whole life has been changed by choosing the right clothes for the right function, next week we are going to touch on colours. Do clothes really do and say what they imply?
Let’s think about skinny jeans.
Skinny jeans clearly do not make you skinny.  They are just jeans that are so tight you literally have to peel them off of your body.  So, do people wear them because they think they will look skinny or simply because of the fact that they are in style? Let’s talk about these shirts that have sayings on them.
I have to ask myself if people are really letting a few words worn on a shirt define them.  I mean if they do not want it to define them, why would you even wear it?
Okay, let’s take this shirt for example.
Who in their right mind would not want to be trusted and put it out there for the world to see.  This shirt literally is defining the one who wears it as a person with many issues to say the least.
Why would you publicly express that you are untrustworthy.

That just does not even make sense to me. In this way, the clothes are literally defining who you are.  It may not be about the brand or where you shop, but it is definitely about what you are implying with the clothes.
This shirt gives a very clear image, not a good one. As new generations arise, clothing begins to define who someone is more and more.  People can say all day long that they wear the clothes that they wear because they like them and yes that may be true however, that is not the only reason.  In one way or another, what you wear defines who you are to an extent, at least in the public viewer’s eyes.