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EcoCash Reversals Are Much Easier Now As EcoCash Launches Self-Service Platform

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morning EcoCash launched a new service they are calling EcoCash Micro Service. One
of the most exciting features that will be part of this platform will be the
EcoCash reversal. This means users will now be able to reverse some transactions
without needing to go to any EcoCash shop.

How will the transaction reversal work?

reversal process will be consensual which means if you send too much money to
another subscriber you’ll  be able to
initiate a reversal without having to get EcoCash customer support intervening.
It will work for peer to peer transactions which is a bit unfortunate as the
biggest issue still lies with transactions that go wrong when you’re buying
from merchants.


EcoCash is
also creating a self-registration portal that will allow the fraction of mobile
users that aren’t on EcoCash to register without having to go to an Econet shop
or an agent. This makes it even easier to join the largest mobile money
provider in the country.

The registration is fairly simple. You just dial *151# and the same details you gave to Econet when registering the line you dial with, will be used to sign you up for EcoCash. It’s a seamless way of using data that was already at the disposal of the group to offer subscribers more integrated services. The web portal launched today also allows users to check their balance and their EcoCash statements.

You can register for EcoCash Self-Care here

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