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Free Web Hosting Offers Just That. Free Web Hosting!!! Oh, & Throw In Affordable Domain Registrations

hands on laptopFree Web Hosting offers basic website hosting services for no cost.

What they do sell to you is the domain name (if you don’t have one already but even that is priced quite reasonably) for $8/year (payable via EcoCash) cost which beats competitor name and their listed pricing of US$9.99/year. The FWH website does state that the team behind FWH is looking into offering free sub-domains.

Ideal for smaller businesses

Why is this project even a thing? Well, one of the heads behind FWH, Bukhosi Mhlanga said the project is meant to give any companies, SMEs, developers and people running on tight budgets an opportunity to have a cost-effective solution to have their online presence.

Anyway what freebies do you get for hosting with FWH?

  • 1 GB Disk space
  • 5 GB Bandwidth
  • 5 Email addresses
  • 1 SQL Database and;
  • A free SSL Certificate

Why only Zim?

FWH offers an explanation for this too:

Due to a lot of spam and unused accounts eating up a lot of space, this service is limited to Zimbabwe for easier management. This makes it easier to provide support as well.

There’s an alternative for South African’s as well and you can visit that version of Free Web Hosting here. This is a great project that gives presence to business that otherwise wouldn’t get as much traffic on the internet thus spending resources on a website would be an afterthought. FWH allows them to get through the door and actually experiment with creating a site.

Where does the money come from?

This business lends itself admirably to the “As-a-service” model. FWH and its parent company end up making its money through domain registrations and renewals which you’re more likely to make with the guys also giving you a free service. In the event that you realise your hosting needs aren’t met, you’ll upgrade and the probability that you’ll upgrade to the parent company who was giving you a free service all along is quite high…


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