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India’s Virat Kohli fined for ‘excessive appealing’ at Cricket World Cup

India captain Virat Kohli has been fined for his “aggressive” approach to an umpire during their 11-run win over Afghanistan in the Cricket World Cup.

Kohli has been docked 25% of his match fee and given one demerit point for breaching level one of the ICC code of conduct, for “excessive appealing”.

The 30-year-old admitted the charge after advancing towards umpire Aleem Dar when appealing an lbw decision.

Mohammed Shami’s hat-trick in the final over eventually saw India win the game.

Kohli now has two demerit points on his record, after receiving one for aggressive behaviour towards umpires during a Test match against South Africa in Pretoria in January 2018.

Level one breaches carry a maximum punishment of a 50% match fee deduction and two demerit points. If a player accrues four demerit points within a 24-month period, they will receive a ban. –