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Invest in yourself


By Macilyne Chitepo

WHAT thoughts do the word investment invoke in your mind? Money, property, shares etc. But the Covid-19 pandemic driven “new normal” has redefined priorities in what to invest in. Health and wellbeing are top of the list for most people now. Digital health has become the leader. We are fast reaching a point where we will be able to self-diagnose in the comfort of our own spaces.


A lot of women now use various apps and gadgets to inspire them and keep them updated on their fitness levels

Sensors and small chips are revolutionising healthcare, and devices such as thermometers are now household must-haves. Longevity is now also the in thing and people would rather invest in food or products that prolong their lives.
Women have for long taken a proactive approach when it comes to investing in their health, beauty and well-being. Health technology innovations are making a difference in people’s lives and we have become so accustomed to health apps that are changing our lives for the better.

A lot of women now use various apps and gadgets to inspire them and keep them updated on their fitness levels. Gone are the days when the scale was the only gadget in our everyday lives.

These days people make use of gadgets such as a heart-rate monitor during training — an essential gauge of fitness levels. People now invest in Fitbit Aria WIFI Smart Scale, which tells them their body fat percentage.
It is indeed true that 70 percent of a healthy lifestyle hinges on what you eat. Most people now use My Net Diary, which tracks everything you put into your body. From vitamins to protein and the amount of water you drink, it calculates all the nutrients and breaks them down on a cool user interface that gives a fantastic insight into what you have consumed. I know this sounds rather “geeky” but it makes you aware of what you are eating, and even highlights what your body may be lacking. Other handy apps are the sports ones that are used during exercise, be it running or cycling. People use Samsung Health app, Mi Fit, Fitness Blender, trends, Feed, Go running, Pacer, Zen Health, Nike run club — the list is endless.
There is no substitute for a proper fitness and training regime as far as ensuring wellness of mind, body and soul is concerned. Not only does exercising prolong life but it eliminates a lot of diseases.

During this lockdown, most participants of a fitness group I am part of would be up by 4am exercising in the comfort of their homes (practicing social distancing obviously). While most women are told to exercise to get rid of weight, exercise plays only a tiny percentage of our daily calory burn.

Hormones are the true culprits behind weight gain and most women constantly fight against their hormones. I am also one person who struggles with weight and I remember when I turned 40, someone said I looked 50 and that statement still haunts me. I draw a lot of inspiration from Dr Jade Teta and I follow her videos on YouTube. If you have not yet participated in her quiz please do. (Remember quizzes are not 100 percent accurate). At the end of the day every woman has a unique hormonal signature that’s influenced by her natural rhythms and cycles, which impacts her metabolism, weight and well-being in profound ways.

Dr Teta’s clinical experience has revealed most women need metabolic renewal. She goes on to stress that your unique body, your unique hormones, your unique metabolism and your unique mindset all work hand in hand. Thus, to all the executive, classical, business and stay-at-home women out there, we all need to feel fantastic everyday but above all this, we all need to live long and we can only do so by embracing a healthy lifestyle. Extraordinary things start happening to you when you start investing in yourself by exercising and eating health. When you invest in yourself you begin to feel more energetic and focused. You will be ready to tackle life again maybe in a way you never have before. After all life is short, we all want to make the most of it and investing in digital health is the way to go.
While on the subject of female super-power, I doff my hat off to Tendaiishe Chitima who plays lead actress in Cook Off, a local film that has made history by becoming the first Zimbabwean production to be incorporated on Netflix. Congratulations to the cast and crew. I am thrilled to see more African countries represented on Netflix, well done and keep up the good work.
Meanwhile, off I go to my digital fitness friends!