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Khuxman rising

khuxmanOne calls to mind creatives such as world acclaimed Black Umfolosi, Siyaya Arts, Iyasa, Sandra Ndebele, Oskido, recent award winner Berita Khumalo , the celebrated and award winning author the late Dr Yvonne Vera and music group Insingizi who have received awards in Austria for selling over 300 000 units of their albums (quite a stunning feat!), to name just a few.
Recently, Khulekani Bethule aka  Khuxman best known for his hit song MaAfrika inked a distribution deal with Sheer Records of South Africa of South Africa giving him literally a opportunity to launch his career into the whole of Africa as our neighbouring country is host to digital satellite television companies beaming across Africa and the globe! Khuxman is not known to many in Zimbabwe but to die-hard fans. He is not what you would describe as a mainstream artist in the sense of having national fame but he has been grafting and the work is beginning to pay via appearances at the Bulawayo-held National Arts Merit Awards awards this year to an audience of millions of viewers around the world as the event was streamed live. He is also riding high on collaborations with Harare International Festival  of Arts new comers Djembe Monks on the song Vumela iSangoma that is part and parcel of township party scene here. Sheer Records is a big independent music company with global links that at one point represented the music of Andy Brown as well as TUKU. “I am happy that with this deal (Sheer Records) my career is set to blow up. I am happy to hear even from iconic South African musician Dan Tshanda that my music is much appreciated in Botswana, “ spoke Khuxman in a telephone interview. Dan Tshanda was apparently in Bulawayo for a concert at the Large City Hall during the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair week and reiterated those sentiments about Khuxman in an interview with a local weekly.
Personally, I think that according acres of precious media space to Harare artistes doing birthday bashes is tantamount to good PR for the groups. With respect…I am not one to fawn where there is no story worth digging at. There are groups very deserving of the spotlight who may never be known  because of the seeming fixation writers have with legends and myths already established. We happen to be here in this part of the country to bring our readership the untold stories. Khuxman is one such story and he is rising. As was Mokoomba when we covered them on these pages and now, as they continue to straddle the globe showcasing a fresh new  their Tonga brewed sound and the music loving world is all the richer for having them.