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LETTER FROM AMERICA: New moves to realign the US Democratic Party

US President Donald Trump has a right to sigh in relief. After 22 months of grueling torture from Democrats, who accused him of being a Russian spy. ”The report did not establish that any members of the Trump Campaign conspired with or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

US President Donald Trump

Instead all the witches and their cousins are coming out of the woodwork. It does not matter what the Mueller report says. Nothing matters to them until Trump is defenestrated from the White House and thrown in a jailhouse.
The Democrats are a coalition of various interest groups, united behind a coup generated by their candidate Hillary Clinton.
California Billionaire Tom Styer has invested $100 million in a group called Next Generation. He travels all over recruiting “Impeach Trump Supporters. He has 6.5 million signatures.
They are demanding to see his tax returns for the last six years. They are preparing documents to summon Trump’s daughter Ivanka and her husband. If they misspeak, they can be jailed for lying to Congress.
Trump won the election but has not been allowed the goodwill which usually allows the president a honeymoon in the first two years.
While the Republican Party is known as the “stupid party” the Democrats are the intellectual radicals and try to take the country in a direction the majority is not ready for.
I will describe the efforts of three leaders, each trying to find a way forward after losing to the Mueller report.
One Democrat contender for the 2020 presidential election, Pete Buttigiegg (37) and his wife, Chasten (27) also a man, have created excitement in the party.
Do not laugh. The gay wing is wealthy and fanatical in their organizational skills. They were the mainstay of Barak Obama’s volunteers.
Pete is mayor of South Bend, Indiana, a Harvard graduate, a Rhodes Scholar and a veteran. College kids, see him as their new Barak Obama, breaking new barriers.
Campaigning with his wife, Chasten, he raised $7 million in Hollywood gay district within a week.
The gays and college kids make up the “muscular” wing of the party. The media looking for “good copy” is fawning all over the two for juicy news morsels.
The Spectator says that Chasten compares with Rosalyn Carter and with Jackie Kennedy (former first ladies) and will do just fine as first lady. The Spectator says Chasten makes a perfect spouse. “Here is a big, goofy nerd, gay, coming through and his name is Chasten.” He has “seized the hearts of journalists” and dog lovers alike. Chasten has 271, 000 followers on twitter and 57 000 on another Doggie account dedicated to dog lovers.
Youths are swooning over this “zany man-child obsessed with eating, reading Harry potter,” who keeps cute animals, teddy bears and such. This is an attempt to feminize a man.
Lady Gaga is one of his followers and he loves ice cream. Already followers are screaming mad if they miss his twitters, even confessing that they prefer death to life without him. His challenge to the earthly powers is exhilarating, transformative, electrifying, and yes even audacious. This is pure Obamaspeak. A personality cult is in the making.
Buzzfeed is where politicians go to check whose animal is being gored ( a pun rhyming with Vice President Gore) who was cheated out of the presidency by George W. Bush.
Chasten has also appeared on Cable News Network, (CNN) the anti-Trump outfit. CNN regards him as a possible first lady and an anti-dote to Trumpkins, seen as “haters.”
I have taken time to show that Democrats have no policy except “hate Trump.” This is best expressed by George Conway.

“Congress now bears the solemn duty to excise this cancer without delay. (He) surely could be removed from office, even if he has not committed a criminal act.”
So we pause-why should Congress remove Trump from office? Because Democrats don’t like his red ties, his loud mouth, his pretty wife-some Democrats tried to argue that Melania is ugly-against all visual evidence to the contrary.
The contempt with which Trump has been treated is unprecedented. The New York Times says that Trump has so far uttered 200 000 lies in his two year tenure. The NYT forgets the charge of Russian spy originated from Hillary’s opposition research, on made up material. It was the NYT, with 23 anti-Trump researchers which propagated and calibrated the false accusations.
In the shadows is a thoroughly respectable and genuine politician, former Vice President Joseph Biden. Democrats hope that Biden can bring back the Obama coalition of dreamers.
This “dream”, sometimes called the great society, is captured in a statement by Marrianne Williamson, a poetess. “Where millions of American children live in chronic trauma, we must save them. Where economic system runs roughshod over the majority of our citizens, we must change that. Politics should not be a pursuit disconnected from the deeper meaning of life.”
The calibration and cadence of the syntax is beautiful and is called Obamaspeak. One feels a tingle about being American. After the speech has settled, one realizes that there is no plan of action.
If Biden is to wear Obama’s mantle and call the troops to battle, the question can be asked. Since he came to Washington 40 years ago, at age 30 (now 76) why were these issues not addressed?
Anti-Trump hatred is not a policy.