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Local Company, ZODSAT Partners UAE-Based VSAT Internet Service Provider

Yahsat graced the local internet scene last year through its partnership with Utande. The more the merrier is the name of the game. Now its ZODSAT that’s been added to the list of Yahsat’s partners in Zim. ZODSAT is a local VSAT internet service provider that’s recently made noise with it’s enticing offerings.

For a local company to partner a global brand like Yahsat, which has a footprint across the world, tells a good story. About the partnership, Yahsat’s Chief Executive, Farhad Khad said:

We are delighted to be partnering with Zodsat as a long-term client. This agreement is yet another example of YahClick’s growth strategy, which was further enabled by the launch of our third satellite last year, adding 19 new markets to our existing footprint in Africa. We are thrilled Zodsat believes in our cutting edge connectivity solutions, team’s capabilities and our commitment to the delivery of customised, bespoke services

Having full control and management over their own capacity, delivers flexibility while providing them with high-speed and economical Ka-band capacity. In addition, Zodsat will be supported by our high-level technical team to offer far-reaching broadband coverage across Zimbabwe.

No doubt this partnership makes the VSAT space more competitive and gives customers more options. Actually, when I was comparing Utande’s offerings (which offers Yahsat’s services) relative to Telone and ZOL this morning, Utande had the best deal(s). So, with this new partnership between Yahsat and ZODSAT, it will further put pressure on on other service providers to give consumers better prices and data allocations.

The way I see is Zol and Telone will at some point forced to tweak their prices downwards or to increase their data allocations to match these Yahsat partners.

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