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Prophet Hope Khoza reopens KTV

Prophet Hope Percy Khoza

POPULAR prophet Hope Percy Khoza has reopen Kingdom Television (KTV) – a 24 hour television channel that ministers the word of God.

The TV channel is already operating. The aim for coming up with such a project is to minister the word of God to all nations considering television is a fast mode of evangelising.

Prophet Khoza who becomes the youngest prophet to own and run a television station has become so popular where ever he preaches due to his powerful sermons and accurate prophecies

He has travelled in many countries preaching the word of God. The young prophet is so humble and on demand in many countries.

Prophet Khoza says he was given KTV as a gift by his spiritual father and mentor Prophet Passion Java when he came to South Africa in May from America where he is based.

Despite being barely a month the TV, KTV has is growing in popularity and receiving positive feedback from followers in all continents

“KTV has taught me that if you cannot figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose,” said Martha Dybala from Argentina.

“For me from the different sermons on KTV I have learned that God is not looking to see if you are worthy of a miracle, He’s created you to be a miracle. Celebrate the blessings of others. Trust that if God did it for someone else, he’ll do it for you,” said James Banda from Malawi.

Shabaz from India says KTV has thought him that: “The enemy would not fight you so hard if you weren’t carrying something so valuable. God has a purpose. What has been secured by Christ for you cannot be altered by man.”

“The more you speak God’s word, the more you believe it. Declare his promises and feed your faith. No matter what your circumstances look like, do not ever lose your shout. This is what KTV thought me last week said Telda Effenberg from Germany.

According Prophet Khoza when life feels scattered, make sure to keep God as your number one priority because everything else will fall into place.

From many of his preaching and teachings which will be broadcast on KTV he says people cannot read your mind, but they can definitely read your face. So let your face shine with love, grace, joy and peace. Do not lose the battle in your mind. You have to change your thinking.

Anything holding you back is only temporary. God can take your darkest hour and turn it into your brightest hour. Be at peace. He can turn any situation around. Whatever God has put in your heart, it needs to get in your conversations. Talk like it’s going to happen. Do not let a bad break, a betrayal, cause you to settle where you are. Move forward and God will never leave you.