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Register For Harvard’s 50+ Free Online Courses!

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There are a number of institutions that offer free online courses and Harvard is among them. For those of you who aren’t convinced as to how valuable these are, maybe getting one from a world renowned organisation will change your mindset towards online courses and their effectiveness.

On Edx there are a number of courses that are free and self-paced that could help a considerable number of people if the costs of education offered in these institutions is a pipedream.

Courses for Tech & Science enthusiasts

There are a lot more of these courses and apart from the tech stuff I’ve been focusing on there’s also a lot regarding humanities/arts, religious studies, health and some law stuff. There’s a lot to explore and if you want to see the full list of Edx Harvard courses you can go here.

All the courses are free to complete and then if you decide that you want a certificate of competency you’ll have to part with US$125 once you’ve completed the courses. For most of the tech stuff this might not be a big deal if you can actually prove that you’ve mastered the skills in these courses.

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