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Shifting Gears: Universities are Making the Move to Online Study

IN light of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the current climate of social distancing and limited airline travel, many universities, especially in Australia, have adapted and gone online for the start of Semester 2 2020.

For the upcoming semester, students can begin online and join their fellow students on campus when the travel restrictions are lifted for International Students. In many cases, the universities are offering students the chance to commence on-line study, see if they can manage this mode of study, and based on their initial experience in the first three weeks, decide to continue or withdraw from the course. Students would be able to get a full fee refund if they withdraw within the stipulated time.

Alternatively, if the cost of traveling to and living in Australia is an issue, students can complete some courses entirely online from Zimbabwe. They will still gain an internationally recognised Australian University Degree!

The learning content will be delivered on online platforms and through the use of apps such as Zoom, which enables a virtual meeting place for students to talk within a classroom sphere online. Any reading requirements will be accessible on the virtual platforms. Furthermore, the assessments will also move online, with final exams conducted as online quizzes, assignment papers or downloadable exams. Whilst most Undergraduate degrees have shifted online for the upcoming semester, specific courses that require practical, hands-on activities, for example a Nursing or Engineering practical, will be postponed until the students can return to campus.

Macpherson Education Services (MES) is supporting students in the transition to online study by conducting Zoom meetings for students. They are creating an online support network in-house to ensure the students are can meet each other and ask for assistance at any time.

 Macpherson Education Services has operated for 27 years, making them experts in their field. Their services are free as the universities pay them to assist students.

MES is currently open from 9am till 3pm, and are COVID-19 safety compliant, so go and see them at 9 Balmoral Gardens, corner of Eighth Street and Fife Avenue Harare. For an appointment contact Judi Ward on 0772231990,  email or phone the office on 0772236290. Visit the website at to find out more information.