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Tax Holiday: Even ZIMRA Is On Strike And Revenue Collection Will Likely Cease

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The situation is dire to say the least. If you are an optimist looking for a silver lining (even a very temporary one), here’s one: ZIMRA workers are on strike

DECLARATION ON INCAPACITATION DATED 13 JANUARY 2019 We the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority and Allied workers Trade Union (ZIMRATU): Having collated experiences and submissions from our membership across the country. Noting the concerns and grievances raised in those submissions and the recommendations thereof: Concerned about the rapid deterioration of conditions of work of our members across the country and the effects thereof, inter alia:

a) The bus fare to work is $10 return trip against the $3 return trip being paid by the employer.

b) Systematic erosion of the value of our members’ salaries,

c) Sharp rise of prices of basic commodities and transport fares yet salaries remain static despite the decline of their value and

d) Charging of prices of certain commodities in hard currency (USD) such as medicines

e) Fuel increases at 234% inter-alia.

For the above reasons the workers can no longer virement funds to subsidise the employer on transport.

Now therefore given the foregoing, it is thus declared as follows;
a) Most of our members are unable to report for duty with effect from the 14th of January 2019 due to incapacitation.

Dominic Manyangadze ZIMRATU PRESIDENT

This is not a laughing matter. The whole economy is grinding to a halt and the government has to come down from its comfortable cloud nine and sort this mess out. The price increases and decreases by decree cannot work.

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority is a government department which is responsible for the collection of state revenue in form of excise duty, customs duty, road tolls, corporate and civil taxes. In addition, it also facilitates trade, offers fiscal advise to the government as well as… Read More About Zimbabwe Revenue Authority

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