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Twitter Reacts To Econet’s New Yo Mix App

Yo Mix is back and there are some changes, whilst it’s no longer as compelling (in terms of cost of data) it’s now open to all ages which was a widely requested feature.

We went through Twitter to gauge the reaction that an app that was once held so dearly by subscribers would get and it’s a mixed bag.

Some hate it

Some love it

Not really Yo Mix if you’re forced to buy voice and SMSs

There’s a funny joke I often see circulating around these days about the 3 stages of life in Zimbabwe:

  1. Birth
  2. Hezvo
  3. Death

It seems even products go through the same life cycle and right now it looks like Yo Mix is firmly in the Hezvo phase. Hopefully it won’t be followed by death and the product can stick around and become a subscriber favourite once again.

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