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VID Finally Launches Computerised Provisional Licence Test

Much has been said about the provisional test being taken digitally. As far back as 2016, there was an announcement informing the public that the provisional test would be taken using computers.

Three years later and many delays later that vision is finally being realised. Yesterday the Vehicle Inspectorate Department launched the Electronic Learner’s Licence Testing System.

One of the more convenient improvements that will come about as a result of this new testing system is that candidates taking the test will no longer need to bring passport-sized photos as those will be captured by the system at whichever test venue you will be tested from.

The tests that will be randomly generated will have over a 1000 questions in rotation. This means candidates will no longer be able to get information of which particular test they will be taking, prior to actually taking it. That’s why every time there’s been an announcement regarding this system its been hailed as the beginning of the end of corruption at VID.

As soon as the students have taken fifteen-minute test, it will be automatically marked by the computers which is another measure meant to weed out corruption and human error in the licensing process.

According to the Herald, the testing system is expected to be rolled out to all VID depots soon.

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