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VSAT Prices Comparison: ZODSAT Vs Utande Vs ZOL Vs Telone

VSAT is increasingly getting popular as a medium for people to access the internet. That has prompted an increase in competition between the local VSAT ISPs which is exactly what consumers want so that we get the best value for our hard-earned money.

So I have decided to give you a chance to compare which service provider is offering the best deal. Just like how it is difficult to entirely compare mobile data packages so is it difficult to compare VSAT packages simply because different service providers have different packages. For instance, one service provider may have a 5 gig data package whilst others don’t have and another one could have a 25 gig package whilst others dont have that kind of a package.

So I have taken the liberty to just compare only those data packages each and every service provider offers – the 30 gig data plan and the 50 gig data plan.

30gig plan

Service Provider Data Price Perks- Bonus data
Telone 30 gig RTGS $ 394
ZOL 30 gig RTGS $ 450
ZODSAT 30 gig USD $90/RTGS $533 150 gig
Utande 30 gig USD $132/ RTGS $811 120 gig

NB: ZODSAT and Utande price their VSAT packages in US dollars but I have converted the amounts from USD to RTGS at today’s rate of RTGS $6.15 per USD (from Zimbollar). For instance, USD $150 is RTGS $922.

As you can see Telone’s pricing steals the show ahead of the rest. As for the Yahsat partners, ZODSAT and Utande their prices are just above the rest. But it will be hasty to conclude that Utande and ZODSAT have the worst deals.

You see their package comes with a lucrative perk of bonus data which makes their services attractive. The bonus data is just like ZOL’s Night Owl where you get to use the bonus data during the night – for ZODSAT, it’s from 10 pm and 6 am for Utande it’s from 12 am to 6 am. Is 120 gig and 150 gig that Utande and ZODSAT offer enough draw you on their side and forget the lowest price Telone is offering?

50gig data plan

Service Provider Data Price Perks- Bonus data
Telone (1) 50 gig RTGS $ 750
Telone (2) 50 gig RTGS $ 812
ZODSAT 50 gig USD $150/RTGS $922 250 gig
ZOL 50 gig RTGS $ 1100
Utande 50 gig USD $203/ RTGS $1248 200 gig

Here again, Telone leads the way with the lowest price on both its two types of VSAT services, the Ku-Band and Ka-Band. And again Utande still offers the least attractive deal relative to others. However, I suppose the bonus data that Utande and ZODSAT offer further gives you a dilemma between them and Telone n (which is cheaper but doesn’t give you bonus data).

Telone is should be your choice if we don’t take into consideration pf things like set up fees and download and upload speeds. Still, the choice is yours, take your pick.

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