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WhatsApp Brings Back Dark Mode & Redesigns Emojis

Following development cycles of products can get a bit frustrating. Sometimes we make a fuss out of nothing. That happens a lot more often if you’re looking into product code, which is essentially what happened with WhatsApp dark mode.

It looked like that update had been pulled and the feature would no longer be coming but that’s not the case. WhatsApp is still working on the feature and it turns out it will be called Night Mode instead.

Here’s what it will look like:

New emojis

WhatsApp is also redesigning new emoji’s so if you’re looking for something a bit different you have that to look forward to. The redesign will affect 155 emojis and is promised to be available in the next WhatsApp update that comes to Google Playstore. I’m not sure if the update is for Beta users only or accessible to everyone but it’s working on my phone now and here’s a before & after look at the new emojis:

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