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ZESA Apologises & Announces Solution For System Congestion

Zimbabwean electricity, prepaiid meters

Earlier today we wrote an article regarding ZETDCs prepaid token system being down. ZETDC has issued a statement addressing the situation.

In its statement, ZETDC confirmed the sentiments echoed by our community that the delays are due to congestion caused by people attempting to buy tokens en masse on the first day of the month.

Prepaid Electricity Vending System

ZETDC would like to apologise to its valued customers for the long turnaround periods in the processing of transactions in the purchase of electricity.

ZETDC advises that delays being experienced by customers are due to high volumes of token purchases during the beginning of the month and are putting pressure on the system, the position that we are in the process of addressing.

ZETDC official statement

Consumers believe electricity is cheaper during certain times of the month…

As indicated in our earlier article, ZETDC already debunked the myth that electricity tokens are cheaper on the first day of the month but they reiterated this in their statement today:

ZETDC further advises customers that the lifeline tariff is enjoyed once a month when they make the first token purchase of units ANY DAY during any calendar month, therefore it is not true that elecrticity is cheaper when purchases are done within the first five days of the month.

ZETDC official statement


Because ZETDC has noted that mentioning that the tariff is not cheaper at the beginning of the month is not effective, one of the changes that will be effected is to indicate how the units being purchased are charged on the prepaid voucher:

In order to assist customers, prepayment vouchers will indicate how the units being purchased are charged and the bands to which they belong, in compliance with the provisions set out by the regulator.

ZETDC official statement

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