Input your search keywords and press Enter. Webdesigners wins top SME award

Pearson Pfavayi - zimhost

Zimhost Senior project manager, Pearson Pfavayi.

ZIMHOST.COM, a webdesign company based in Harare and Bulawayo with its head office in the UK won the Business Innovative Award at the recent SMEs International Expo 2014 at Rainbow Towers in Harare. which was exhibiting at the event specialises in designing websites from US$50 and was recognised for its contribution to the SME sector as a whole.

The SMEs International Expo is a platform that brings together small to medium enterprises (SMEs) from all sectors of the economy, corporates and other organizations that work or support SMEs activities through capacity development or funding. It includes both local and international organisations.

Its main thrust is to create synergies and working together among these organizations through value-addition or as markets for each other’s product. Seven countries participatied at the expo held under the theme; ‘Harnessing Technology and Innovation to Boost SMEs Trade Potential.’

Zimhost Senior project manager, Pearson Pfavayi said he was he was pleased with the award which showed that their products are being recognised. “We are proud to receive this award from the SMEs International Expo. It simply goes to show how our work is being appreciated in the IT sector,” he said.

“We believe in bridging the technogical gap between first and third world countries as we believe every Zimbabwean business should be visible on the internet from as little as US$50 once off payment hence our moto, websites from US$50. You can see more at,”said Pfavayi.

Enos Taderera, one of the webdesigners who received the award on behalf of zimHost said a lot of people found it unbelievable that a fully functioning website can be completed for US$50 within 48hrs including a free domain registration whether a or .com.

“Ever since the award, we are now overwhelmed with new websites coming through on a daily basis. We currently design on average 20 websites a month and we will soon be surpassing that number, not counting our other products namely, Animation, BulkSMS, eStores, Fanpage designs and Cloud Databases,” said Taderera.

The organiser of the event said they had realized that most SMEs had the skill to make good products but the lack of exposure had been affecting their progress and growth and hence believed this initiative was what had been missing for a long time.

The expo is a strategic marketing platform that affords SMEs a once in a life’s time opportunity to gain visibility nationally and internationally; and to create business synergies with other organizations globally.

Through the business conference that is usually held on the second day of the expo and were various speakers drawn from all sectors of the economy, both local and international, SMEs were given an opportunity to learn the best practices expected and required by corporates and foreign markets for their goods to be accepted. The Expo started in September 2011 and has been growing steadily both in organizing and exhibition.